how to 360 Inward Heelflip

The 360 inward heelflip

The infamous 360 inward heelflip One of the infamous hardest flat ground tricks in skateboarding only the 360 inward heelflip and the 360 hardflip are considered "impossible" but there are a few skater to manage landing these tricks.

If you would really like to learn how to 360 inward heelflip might as well be from someone who has actually landed it no?I see a lot of websites giving advice on this trick that make no sense and this is why I made this article to offer you a superior trick tip.

The key to learning any skate trick and the best trick tip anyone can offer anyone learning a new trick is to keep trying and trying the same trick over and over day by day, every day.Just focus on a single trick until you land it.If you ever become frustrated then leave it and try a different one for a bit and latter come back to the first one fresh.

Step by step on how to 360 inward heelflip

  • The stance:The stance for this one is a little sketchy so I'm going to be a troughout as possible.Just place your heel(yes just your heel) under the screws and let your toes hang outside the board while your back leg should be in the concave just the toe with the heel hanging out.This might feel weird but this is the way I do it.
  • The pop:This is weher it gets weirder, you have to pop the back foot as you would for a 360 shove it or 360 flip and pres down quickly on your front foot to make it heelflip.
  • In mid air:MAKE SURE TO SPREAD THE LEGS, yeah this is one of those the kinda that can nut you real easy.Make sure that the board goess under your legs and make sure to spread the legs FAST
  • The landing:This is one is a bit intuitive.Just seek that grip because if you kand this one, you will be among the elite.

The 360 inward heelflip is NOT Impossible

People make up excuses all the time when they can't do something.If a Skater can't learn how to grind he says"I don't like grinding" this is easier on his ego than saying"I didn't practice grinding enough"I believe anything is possible specially tricks!This is why I'm proud to say I can land a 360 inward heelflip
I remember when I used to practice this everyone used to put me down but when I learned it everyone of my friends wanted me to teach it to them!

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