How to Backside Heelflip

The Backside Heelflip

By this time you already know that I'm fond of original and rare skateboarding tricks. The Backside Heelflip is another one I personally love. I favor the Backside Flip myself. To learn this trick make sure you know How to heelflip if you don't this trick tip is meaningless

Bs Heelflip step by step

  • The stance:Just leave your front foots toes hang out the board while the back foot just chills on the tail(just the toes) and crouch
  • The Pop: wrap your arms and get ready to spin.Sweep the back foot so the board spins in the direction your toes are facing, as you jump unwrap your arms in the direction the board is spinning and your hip will follow.
  • In Mid Air:Here you are supposed to hit the board with your heel by pushing downwards and spread your legs but remember to follow the board spin
  • The Landing: You are about to land switch, remember to stay centered, do not lean forth! you might land on your face!If you keep centered you will keep the balance remember once you see that grip STOMP!

Uncommon tricks get more attention!

These type of uncommon tricks get more attention in skateboarding since not that many people do then it gives you the element of originality over someone who is doing Bs flips. I personally like when people are original since this makes them stand out.If you saw a pile of gray rocks and in the middle you say a ruby.Would the ruby catch your attention? of course it would so you must aim to become that ruby!

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