How to Nollie Heelflip

Nollie Heelflip

My name is Kidanis CortesI'm the owner of New Leaf Skateboards and I have been a skateboarder for about ten years.I know a lot of skateboarding tricks and this is why I'm teaching you How to Nollie Heelflip

Make note that in this article I'm going to assume you know what a Nollie and a heelflip are.

How to Nollie Heelflip step by step

  • The Stance: well stand on the nose in Nollie position and leave the back foot hanging out with only your heel on the board and the toes should be hanging outside the board.
  • The Pop: When you pop Nollie you also have to slide backwards like tap and jump in the direction of the skateboards tail.You must press down on your heel hard to make it flip and this must be simultaneous and FAST
  • In Mid Air:While you are in the air make sure to retract your knees to your body and DO NOT spread them, you might get nutted(happened to me a few hundred times no joke)
  • The landing: if you manage to flip the whole way and followed my tips you should be landing on top of the board.It usually stays right under your feet.If you have a case of the chicken feet(you bail off the trick out of fear of falling) then you should remember that you can't learn to skateboard without falling!

Don't let inferior trick tips ruin your skateboarding

The internet is full of skateboarding sites that give you "trick tips" but they are usually made by people who don't even skate!!Be aware of these people that might give your wrong tips that will lead to you never landing the trick.

I have been a victim of this myself this is why I started New Leaf skateboardsTrick Tip section 100% free!So that skateboarders never have to go through what I did.If you don't think my tips are the best online then bookmark us, go search the web and once all their tips fail come back and try ours!

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